Time to confront the anti-wind power disinformation campaign

The report reviews the latest medical and scientific research into the health and environmental impacts of wind turbines and concludes there is no scientific justification for placing a moratorium on turbines in Ontario. It is being sent to every municipality that passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on wind farm development along with a request to rescind the resolution as the scientific study it called for has been completed.

"Municipalities called for a moratorium at the urging of some residents who were frightened and mislead about alleged negative health effects on people living near wind turbines,” said John Bennett, Executive Director of Sierra Club Canada.

“We looked at this issue very closely and the reality is there is no evidence. Noise, infra sound and shadow flicker have little to no impact on health,” said Bennett.

"There is a reason the anti-wind energy lobby could not present any credible evidence in their court case earlier this year,” said Bennett. “There isn’t any – wind turbines are safe."

Bennett suspects Wind Concerns Ontario is part of a larger effort to undermine Ontario’s Green Energy Act, a topic sure to be thoroughly debated during the upcoming Ontario election.

"Rural Ontarians are being sold a bill of goods when it comes to wind energy," said Bennett. "There is no place for disinformation in public dialogue and politicians planning to take advantage of it should be ashamed."

Sierra Club Canada remains strongly supportive of wind turbines but notes the importance of locating them away from residences and known migratory bird flyways.