New Approach To Wind Farm Management

Often over a million little pieces of equipment data a day can be generated in a single wind farm alone – often in several different locations and sources.

Not only do wind turbines operators have to trawl through this mountain of information to find out how their farm is doing, they have to report back more and more information to individuals and state agencies. That’s a lot of time and a lot of manpower.

But there is a solution. The clever people at Lotusworks have teamed up with information management experts ServusNet to make short work of that data. They can distill it down to approximately 31 pieces of Operational data, which is in turn reduced to approximately 7 key performance indicators. This major new partnership with ServusNet will see them sending US wind farmers the resulting up-to-the-minute Operational Intelligence (OI) on their own turbines via the web.

The OI solution reveals exactly how a wind farm is performing, what’s happening on a day to day, minute to minute basis, what’s working today, what’s not, which turbines are available next week, which aren’t, how much power they generated ten minutes ago – it’s all there in accessible intelligent FERC GADS-friendly format, allowing astute wind farmers to make more informed decisions faster.

The time, resources and money lost collecting and analyzing equipment data from turbines can be wiped out completely – "just make a phone call and it happens" says Lotusworks Director Tom Cafferkey. "There’s no software to be installed, no training needed. We provide clients with monthly and annual reports as well as customized reports if requested,it couldn’t be simpler" he adds. "The industry has changed gears, you don’t have to have smart wind farm technology but you have to compete against those who do – our customers".

Founded in Cork, Ireland 2007, ServusNet employees are all ex-Motorola telecoms experts who are now exploiting their telecommunications data handling expertise for the benefit of wind farmers.

It’s unprecedented in the wind industry sector, so it gives them an edge -and one Lotusworks is keen to share with its US clients: "We spotted these world-beaters from a long way off" says Cafferkey. "We’ve been working with ServusNet in Ireland for the past two years and now we’re bringing them to the States".

ServusNet CEO Des Farren says their software and Lotusworks expertise "make a powerful combination". "We provide a service on an ongoing basis, it’s not like a consultancy report. The advantage is that all of our features are delivered as a web solution – we gain access to the wind farm data and provide our clients with comprehensive key performance indicators." says

Lotusworks has 11 years presence in the US, from East coast to West. The firm has a strong pedigree in power generation projects, particularly onshore wind farms. They operate around the world, specializing in solutions that require technical expertise, process knowledge and hands-on experience.Customers include electric utilities, power project developers, financial
institutions and installation Contractors.The firm has offices in the US, Canada, China, Middle-East, Europe and South American with a HQ in Sligo, Ireland.

ServusNet is a software company developing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and Operational Intelligence (OI) solutions for the renewable energy industry. The growth in this sector is driving the need for sophisticated software tools to efficiently manage larger portfolios of wind and other distributed energy generation technologies. The ServusNet team has many years experience in telecom network management and is building on this expertise to deliver innovative operations software products designed to reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency and increase planning accuracy.

Our purpose-designed wind energy O&M platform allows operators to add generation capacity and improve overall production performance without a proportional increase in operations costs.