Geothermal energy: The main industry associations join forces to enhance its development

The objective of the main industry associations of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and Chile is to accelerate the development of geothermal technology and to coordinate policies at an international level. To this end, they established the International Geothermal Business Coalition.

According to Philippe Dumas, of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), this coalition aims to "support a range of government policies that can provide support to the development of geothermal resources worldwide." As a first step – he continued – "we will ask each country to make a proper assessment of the available geothermal potential and to ensure that this industry is granted the necessary support as regards long-term incentive."

Currently, geothermal energy is used in 24 countries worldwide. The global installed capacity, as regards power generation (geothermal energy plays an important role in heat low temperature heat production) at the end of 2010has reached 10,515 MW. Nevertheless, experts believe that a far greater potential can be tapped at a global level, exceeding 300,000 MW.

«Geothermal energy – said Canadian Geothermal Energy Association Director Alexander Richter – is competitive on the market and can play a highly significant role within the scenario of sustainable energy. Nevertheless, the development of this industry is lagging behind compared to other renewable sources and has so far received little support from government policies. The main purpose of the new organization is to make up for lost time».