GE Energy Issues Approval for GEARMASTER ECO 320

The environmentally-friendly high-performance gear oil, GEARMASTER ECO 320 from FUCHS has been successfully used in various wind turbine applications for years. GE Energy has issued a service-fill approval for this oil’s use in GE wind-power turbines in both the 1.5 – 1.6 (1.X) MW and the 2.5 – 2.75 (2.X) MW categories.

GE Energy, one of world’s market leaders in the area of energy generation, is also one of the leading suppliers of wind turbines with development and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Spain, China and the USA. In the area of wind energy, GE Energy has developed and/or installed wind turbines with a total output of 18,000 MW. GE uses gearboxes from a number of different manufacturers, but has approved a very limited number of gear box oils for service purposes.

With GEARMASTER ECO 320, a product from FUCHS Lubricants Co., the wind turbines operator now has an interesting alternative. This high-performance oil based on saturated synthetic esters offers outstanding filterability and provides longer service life. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for use in ecologically-sensitive areas due to its excellent biodegradability (> 60% according to OECD 301 C).

Further Outstanding Features:
• Excellent wear protection properties
• Provides good protection against seizures and micro-pitting
• Very good oxidation and thermal stability
• Powerful cleaning effect
• Low foaming and very good air release
• Excellent material compatibility.
GEARMASTER ECO 320 has proven its outstanding suitability for the demanding lubrication of wind turbines, constructed by different turbine manufacturers, in hundreds of applications in locations around the globe.

Apart from approvals and references from other wind turbines manufacturers, the GEARMASTER ECO series of products also has approvals from leading gearbox manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Winergy, Jahnel Kestermann, Chonqging Chongchi, Flender and Moventas.