Wind energy installed capacity in Brazil surpassed 931 MW by the end of 2010

Brazil Wind Power Market Outlook 2016 – Wind Energy Installed Capacity, Forecast, Generation, Power Plants, Market Share of Equipment Manufacturer and Regulations.

Wind farm installations in Brazil have been experiencing exponential growth in recent years due to the favorable economic and operating environment in that country. The cumulative wind energy installed capacity in Brazil surpassed 931 MW by the end of 2010 as compared to around 341 MW in 2008. Brazil added more than 325 MW of new wind power installed capacity in 2010, thereby accounting for almost one-third of the total wind power installed capacity of Brazil. By installing the new wind power capacity additions, Brazil is emerging as a hot destination for wind power market players. With several manufacturing facilities in the pipeline, the country is expected to be home to nearly all the major global players across the wind energy value chain.

According to the report Brazil Wind Power Market Outlook 2016, Brazil is expected to lead the Latin America wind power market in the coming 5 years, driven by government appetite for renewable energy. Brazilian government’s commitment to derive maximum energy from renewable sources will result in the required thrust towards the future growth of wind power market. Brazil Wind Energy market is at a very nascent stage and is definitely poised for greater growth. In our opinion there are huge opportunities for Global wind power equipment manufacturers and wind farm developers, as they try to expand their network of operations in Brazilian market. The government focus on reducing dependability on hydroelectric sources will lead to the growth of wind power market, as Brazil has abundant onshore and offshore wind power resources amounting to 350 GW.

The research report Brazil Wind Power Market Outlook 2016 discusses following aspect related to wind power market in Brazil:

Installed Capacity by Region, Province and Wind Farm Developers.
Onshore & Offshore Wind Power Capacity Utilization.
Wind Power Reserves & Potential.
Overview of Wind Turbine Market.
Latest Trends & Developments.
Installed and Planned Wind Power Projects
Policy & Regulatory Landscape including Tariff Structure.
Anticipated future growth for Cumulative Installed Capacity.

Our report Brazil Wind Power Market Outlook 2014 gives an unprejudiced overview on the Brazilian wind power market like installation capacity by region and province, wind power capacity utilization, wind power resources and potential, wind power equipment market, current and anticipated future scenario of offshore/onshore wind power, regulatory landscape, tariff structure and competitive landscape. It will help readers to get familiar with current and expected future trends with respect to the Brazilian Wind power market.