Apex Uses Second Wind for First Multi-Sensor Survey Aimed at Optimizing Wind Power Performance

This WFO represents the first case of multiple mobile ground-based wind measurement instruments being deployed simultaneously to verify several project sub-sectors and enhance pre-construction energy estimates.

The Midwest site has several years of data from 50 and 60 meter tall met towers that have been used for preliminary energy estimates and to guide the design of various wind farm layouts. Both Tritons have been deployed and will be moved around the site to collect hub-height wind speed data as well as wind speed (shear) and directional (veer) profiles at multiple locations across the project site. The Triton data will enable Apex to evaluate and optimize turbine layout and reduce annual energy production uncertainty estimates.

Apex and Second Wind will periodically reevaluate the energy analysis as additional data sets are completed to update the project’s financial estimates. "We expect to reduce the overall shear estimate and extrapolation uncertainty and gain a better understanding of sub-sectors within the existing project array layout," stated David Balfrey, Apex Wind’s Director of Energy Assessment. "This approach provides valuable insight prior to confirming final turbine locations and configurations, allowing us to optimize the design of our wind farm. With the right application, it also enhances the project information available for financial due diligence by an independent engineering group and others."

"We are excited to be working with Apex Wind on developing a Triton wind resource campaign to provide a deeper understanding of the hub-height wind conditions across the project. The Triton offers developers the flexibility to adjust measurement campaigns dynamically due to its mobility and easy acceptance by landowners," said Larry Letteney, Second Wind’s CEO.

Second Wind provides the wind energy industry with the intelligence required to plan, finance and operate highly efficient, profitable wind generation facilities. Second Wind’s WindIQ initiative helps the wind industry transform data into insight, making wind information more valuable, accessible, and meaningful. Second Wind’s integrated product and service offerings include SkyServe® web-based wind data service; the Triton® Sonic Wind Profiler; the ProMast™ 60 met mast; and Nomad® 2 Wind Data Logger systems.

Apex Wind Energy is a national developer of wind energy projects. Apex was formed in 2008 by an experienced team of wind energy development and financial professionals to develop wind energy facilities in North America. Apex Wind’s management team is responsible for the development of over $10 billion dollars worth of wind facilities during their many combined years of industry experience. Their efforts have directly resulted in the development, procurement or financing of projects representing over 5,000MW of wind energy generation in commercial operations today.