K2 Energy Solutions Expands Its Lithium Iron Phosphate Product Line

K2 Energy Solutions (K2), a Nevada technology company, manufacturing and selling rechargeable battery cells, packs and systems, has introduced an additional battery that broadens its market-leading lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) product line.

Known as K2B24V10EB, K2’s latest LFP rechargeable battery is rated at 24 volts and 9.6 Ahr, making it the perfect replacement for buyers of lead-acid seeking a lighter, stronger, more robust solution allowing longer run times.

The battery has been developed for a variety of commercial and Industrial applications that can provide power to multiple systems, while reducing weight and enhancing performance. The battery is particularly appropriate for transportation uses like electric wheelchairs, mobility assistance devices, portable power for the medical industry and general energy storage.

“This product addresses a specific need of our customers and the portable energy market,” said David Anderson, business development manager for K2 Energy Solutions. “The 24-volt, 9.6Ahr battery replaces lead-acid—providing manufacturers seeking cleaner, lighter and more powerful batteries a ready solution. We have now engineered one of the broadest LFP product lines in the industry.”

Commenting further on the state of the market, Mr. Anderson stated, “We are seeing continual increases in demand for our ground-breaking lithium ion cells, packs and systems because customers are recognizing consistent supplies of proven, quality batteries are becoming more and more difficult to obtain.”

The K2B24V10EB weighs 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) and does not contain expensive and hazardous heavy metals or dangerous chemicals typical of other chemistries, making it a more environmentally benign battery. Results show that when used properly, the batteries charge faster and last three to five times longer than conventional batteries, and hold their charge even after being in storage for long periods of time.

K2 has already seen quick adoption of this battery by leading manufacturers looking to secure their access to safe and reliable energy storage products.

K2 Energy Solutions, Inc. was founded to commercialize and manufacture rechargeable battery systems for electric vehicles and a wide variety of energy storage applications for consumers, large commercial applications and the government. The company’s battery systems are based on a lithium iron phosphate cathode material whose inherent safety and low cost makes them ideal for the large format systems required for energy storage and EV applications. In addition to its production of cells, K2 differentiates itself as a solutions provider for large format battery packs and systems, developing products based upon customer requirements and utilizing expertise in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry.

K2 is a privately funded corporation formed and headquartered in the growing green technology hub of Henderson, Nevada, with manufacturing/assembly sites in Nevada, Finland, and China.