Wind energy in Argentina – Chinese XCMC to build a wind farm

The Chinese capital wind power would be installed at the Reta region, where the company XCMC China would invest 200 million dollars in the installation of 50 wind turbines of two megawatts each at Reta resort. The President of the Board of Directors of the CELTA, Nicholas Ambrosius, said that they have been working for two years on this wind energy project in the coastal district of Tres Arroyos."

Nicholas Ambrosius said that the decision to build the wind farm Reta, rather than in Claromecó or Orense, is that energy must be transported to the national grid and Reta is much closer than the other two resorts in the district. He clarified that "Reta is 42 kilometers from the national grid, while Claromecó and Orense is located over 70 miles of interconnected.".