Wind energy in China: wind turbines installed will be 90 GW in 2015

China is the largest emitter of CO2, the second largest economy and the first wind power, and in 2015 will double the current installed wind power, with 90,000 megawatt of wind turbines. The data come from the State Grid Corporation of China.

The electricity market is centered in the north, east and central China, while wind farm plants are located in the north, northeast and northwest, making it necessary to promote infrastructure construction of power grids, as in other countries. The installation of wind turbines in China has doubled every year for the past five years. Amounted to 45 gigawatts of wind power in 2010, surpassing the United States.

Wind energy connected to national networks is about 30 gigawatts, which creates an important connection problem, and is the main bottleneck for wind power in China. China Grid presented the figures in the first white paper of a company on the development of wind power in the country, which they said, their social responsibility is to promote the development of wind energy sector.

Wind power accounts for 21.1% of local consumption of electricity in Inner Mongolia, Jilin 5.6% and 4.6% in Heilongjiang. Wind farms are in northern China and the consumption of electricity is produced in central and eastern regions, so China has to transmit wind power over long distances to these regions.

Electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries do not emit CO2 or damage the environment if the electricity comes from renewable sources like wind energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal. Wind turbines can supply electricity to electric cars and in the future will also serve to store and regulate the electricity of intermittent wind energy sector with smart grid technologies and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G).

Ultra-high-voltage power transmission lines are good options, which are expected to eventually double China’s wind power consumption capacity. State Grid complains that uncontrolled wind farm construction has outpaced the national plan for grid construction, which makes grid access a bottleneck of China’ s wind power development.