The Elecnor Foundation and ETSII hold an electric vehicles seminar

The seminar is encompassed within the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Chair. The Elecnor Foundation, through its Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Chair, and the Technical School of Industrial Engineers at the UPM have held a seminar that raised issues regarding electrical power drive systems applied to electric vehicles.

Dr Héctor Zelaya de la Parra, Senior Principal Scientist at ABB Corporate Research, explained: "Studying the benefits of electric vehicles is mainly due to an environmental demand; climate change is one of the most concerning issues in today’s society. In fact, most of the large car companies are now developing prototypes or vehicles within the hybrid and electric markets, which will also lead to significant changes in infrastructure."

Divided into three conferences, the seminar raised very significant issues regarding the development of electric vehicles such as viable and sustainable transport. Issues raised included the analysis of advanced technology for electric vehicles, such as system design and parts, as well as a review of high-performance drive systems for these kinds of vehicles. The speaker analysed the challenges faced to ensure both low-cost and high-performance engines and drive systems. The third conference discussed fast battery chargers for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, a crucial component which will allow for the commercial success of these types of vehicles.