Nissan electric vehicles LEAF delivered to first UK customers

Mark Goodier is a DJ with popular radio station Smooth FM and a long-time electric car enthusiast while electronics engineer Richard Todd and his wife Jane were the very first people to place an order for the LEAF when the books opened in September.

Said Mark: "The great thing about electric cars with lithium ion batteries is that the fuel distribution is already in place. We all have mains electricity at home. We have it at work and councils are already working on how to install thousands of charging points at the roadside. You can see why EVs make such sense, particularly in towns and cities."

"The LEAF is a proper full size family electric car with a 100 mile range – way more than most drivers do in a day. It’s everything that people like me, who have been driving electric vehicles for a long time, have been waiting for. It’s going to change our lives for the better."

Silicone chip designer Richard said: "As an engineer I have always wanted an electric car – I’ve just had to wait for the battery technology to arrive. Hybrids are good but the driving experience of an all-electric vehicle is way beyond this. Of course, the lack of emissions in town is a big positive too. The LEAF is ideal for us as a family with the range and size being more than adequate for most of our driving needs."

Today’s deliveries mark the start of the introduction of the LEAF to customers across the UK with more scheduled for later in the week.

The electric car LEAF is currently built in Japan, but will be manufactured at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland in the north-east of England from 2013.