Billion Electric is planning to introduce its latest Solar Power and Wind Energy Solutions

Billion Electric, a leading Asia Pacific-based provider in network equipments and green management products, will highlight its latest Solar Power and Wind Power Management Solutions, Intelligent Streetlight Control and Management Solutions, Smart Grid AMI Solutions, and BPL / EoC Broadband Access Solutions at Hannover Messe 2011 which will be held on April 4th to 8th in Hannover, Germany.

Germany takes the largest share of worldwide solar energy market due to government incentive scheme. In response to this trend, Billion has delivered the innovative Solar Energy and Wind Energy Management solutions to give renewable energy power operators the functionality they wants and needs. To provide customers with fully management energy-saving experienced, Billion integrates ZigBee technology to PV inverter providing easy access no matter anywhere.

With self-developed technology strength in networking communication and power supply to deliver diverse kinds of energy management solutions, Billion opens to talk with equipment providers, system Integrators, and utility operators.

By José Santamarta,