Inner Mongolia’s installed wind energy ranks first in China

The installed wind farm capacity of the grid-connected wind power in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reached 10.9 GW by February 2011, making it China’s first region to possess 10 GW of grid-connected installed wind energy. The NDRC announced that it has approved 10 large wind farm projects in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, and Hebei provinces.

Inner Mongolia is also far ahead of other regions, provinces and cities in indicators such as the dissolved and absorbed proportion of the power grid.

The approval of the ten wind turbines projects signifies that China’s wind energy industry is in a fast developing period, but the lacks of core technology and effective access to power grid remains bottleneck for China’s wind power industry.

Zhang Fusheng, general manager of the Inner Mongolia Electric Power (Group) Company, said that by the end of 2010, the installed capacity of grid-connected wind power in western Inner Mongolia accounted for more than 16 percent of the total installed capacity of the overall power grid alignment as well as 32 percent of the maximum generating load of the power grid and 38 percent of the maximum power supply load of the power grid.

The ten wind farm projects are: wind farm projects operator location capacity Feed-in tariff Yihetala II Shenzhen Energy Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 300 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Jianhua II China Power Investment Corp. Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 300 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Taipingzhao Shenhau Guohua Energy Investment Co., Ltd Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 300 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Kailu Jianhua Huaneng Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 300 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Nugusitai Huaneng Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 100 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Haorigetu Huaneng Tongliao, Inner Mongolia 300 MW 0.54 yuan/kWh Guanyun Hudian Jiangsu 100 MW 0.61 yuan/kWh Phase II Qidong Huaneng Jiangsu 94 MW 0.61 yuan/kWh Dongtai Shenhau Guohua Jiangsu 201 MW 0.61 yuan/kWh Chabei China National Nuclear Corp. Zhangjiakou, Hebei 100,000kw

By mid-March, China’s wind power installed capacity has r eached 44.5 GW, but only 31.07 GW instal led capacity has been connected to power grid. As a result, about 26-30 percent of wind farm installed capacity is running independently of power grid, far higher than the global average level of 10 percent.