Bangladesh joined the geothermal energy

Plants for 200 MW are in the pipeline in the district of Thakurgain, one of the poorest in the country, near the northern border with India. Already it has secured favourable opinions from the Geological Survey of Bangladesh, the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Environment.

Soon to be constructed the first geothermal power plant for electricity generation in Bangladesh, which will thus become the twenty-sixth country in the world to use this source of renewable energy.

The project is being developed by Anglo MGH Energy, a Dhaka-based private company, which announced the construction of plants for a total of 200 MW, using steam from a hydrothermal basin close to Saland, in the Thakurgain district, in the northern border with India.

Anglo MGH Energy conducted preliminary feasibility studies on an area of ​​over 3,500 hectares, in order to identify the best site for the construction of the plant. The Geological Survey of Bangladesh and the Ministry of Water Resources and Environment have given favorable advice regarding the project.

According to Energy Anglo MGH, several northern districts of Bangladesh show favorable conditions for the exploitation of geothermal resources. The latter can therefore play a significant role as regards energy supply for these populated areas (among the poorest in Bangladesh), where there is a severe shortage of energy in general and specifically of electricity.

It must be noted that 200 MW are not insignificant considering the situation in Bangladesh where, with a population of over 156 million inhabitants, the total installed power capacity is currently about 6,000 MW.