Georgia signs cooperation agreement with France’s Renault

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is aimed at establishing a partnership to promote and implement electric vehicles in Georgia. The partnership program will mainly cover the evaluation of the needs :

– of publics institutions’ fleets of the country in Renault’s electric vehicles, – in charging network deployment

The agreement was signed today at Renault’s headquarter by Vera Kobalia, the economy and sustainable development minster, and Philippe Klein, Renault’s Executive Vice-President of Corporate Planning, Product Planning and Programs.

Both parties have decided to work together to define a final agreement with a view to encouraging the promotion of electric vehicles in order to reduce CO2 emissions and the effects of climate warming. The program aiming at setting the agreement up will focus on several topics:

– the promotion of the electric vehicle and the support of its commercialization, – the evaluation of the equipment in electric vehicles of the fleets of publics institutions of the country – the market study for charging network deployment, – the identification of public and private fleets customers, liable to join the project from their environmental commitment.