Wind energy: investment opportunities in Serbia

The development of wind turbines in Serbia in the coming years is likely to attract investments worth up to €1.5 billion for the construction in this country of about 1,000 MW of wind power.

The estimate was made by Serbian Wind Energy Association (SEWEA) president Maja Turkovic. The Association, which was established a few months ago, in October 2010, already includes several important investors and developers.

This country has still not put any wind farm into service, but a number of wind turbines projects have already passed the feasibility study phases, like the Pancevo (two wind farm plants totaling 170 MW) and the Doljevac (100 MW) wind farms.

According to SEWEA, Serbia shows promising conditions for the installation of large wind farms, particularly in a number of areas located in the country’s north and east. However, the development of this sector has not been adequately supported by the Government, which has still not enforced national regulations apt to sustain renewable energy growth.

Specifically, SEWEA deplores financial obstacles caused by the fact that Serbia requires the developer to pay for the construction of the infrastructure for connecting the wind farms to the power grid. In all European countries, this charge is largely borne by the public.