Wind energy would generate cash

Sitlington Parish Council is investigating the possibility of erecting one or two wind turbines to generate cash for community projects. A feasibility study by York based firm Origin Energy, which helps communities to raise cash through renewable energy schemes, found it could generate 13.8 gigawatt hours per year. That could then be sold back to the national grid and the profits ploughed back into the community. The report stated: “A potential site has been identified which offers potential for development.

“However the site is close to a site of scientific interest and a small bird sanctuary although the desk top report from the ecologist indicates that these constraints are not significantly sufficient to rule out future work on the site.” It found the best site in the parish could be land off Carr Lane, in between Stony Cliffe Wood and Middlestown.

And they are currently in talks with the private land owner. At the Sitlington Parish Council meeting on Tuesday evening two members of the public raised concerns about the economical benefits and the impact on the countryside.

But the council stressed that wind turbines would not be erected without community backing. Coun Nigel Brook said: “There must be a fully open discussion. “It’s not just for the parish council to decide, we need the support of the community to go ahead.”

The council also said they would not do anything to harm the local environment or wildlife in the area. The next phase of the project would be a more detailed study looking at the economical benefits and other technical data. The scheme would cost around £25,000 but could be paid for entirely from grants.