Mozambique to Invest in Renewable Energy

Self-Energy Mozambique is investing 30 million euros (42 million US dollars) on renewable energy projects throughout the country. The projects, which use various types of energy solutions based on solar power, focus particularly on the provinces of Nampula, Sofala and Maputo.

The company’s Director, Carlos Matos, told Radio Mozambique that the country has the climatic conditions, with regular and constant sunlight, to make investment in this sector viable.

In Mozambique some companies have already started to adopt renewable energy technologies, such as the Indy Village Hotel in Maputo. This resort has recently installed an integrated renewable energy system to heat water, which has cut electricity costs by forty per cent.

Self Energy Mozambique is responsible for implementing a cooperation agreement between Portugal and Mozambique on renewable energy. The company is working on projects including mini hydroelectric and mini solar power stations, which will involve an investment of 30 million Euros, and which aim to generate energy for communities without access to the electricity network.