IQPC Presents 2nd Offshore Wind Power Summit

IQPC presents the 2nd Offshore Wind Summit which is to be held April 27 – 29, 2011, Washington, DC.

Offshore wind energy can help the nation reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, diversify its energy supply, provide cost]competitive electricity to key coastal regions, and stimulate national economic revitalization by investing in infrastructure and creating skilled “green collar” jobs.

Since no wind turbines are installed in U.S. waters, there is a shortage of critical data on the environmental and citing effects of wind turbines, and the installation, operations, and maintenance of these wind turbines. This lack of data drives up the costs of financing offshore wind projects to the point where financing charges account for roughly half of the cost of offshore wind energy.

Energy IQ spoke exclusively with Dr. Sue Haupt – Scientific Program Manager for Renewable Energy, and Bill Mahoney – Director Weather Systems & Assessment Program, from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). The interview explored these concerns developers face in offshore wind development.

Representatives from The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) will attend IQPC’s 2nd Annual Offshore Wind Power Summit, this year’s key meeting towards the future of America’s energy security through offshore wind development.

NCAR: An offshore wind analysis can be accessed here.

We have a limited number of press passes and interview opportunities available – please contact Chris Archer for media inquiries, details below.

Key presentations at the summit include:

* Atlantic Wind Connection
* U.S. Dept of Energy
* U.S. Dept of the Interior
* Deepwater Wind
* Bluewater Wind
* Principle Power
* And many more

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