Dow Kokam Providing Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Solutions

Dow Kokam, a leading large-format battery system producer, announced in advance of the Work Truck Show that it has signed two new agreements to provide advanced lithium-ion battery solutions to power medium-duty plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and fully-electric (EV) trucks designated for fleet operations. Dow Kokam’s new projects with Motiv Power Systems and ZeroTruck will provide new electric vehicle options for flexible medium-duty truck designs that reduce carbon emissions and operating costs for fleet owners.

"Beyond their environmental benefits, PHEV and EV vehicles offer significant advantages to commercial vehicle and fleet operators in terms of cost, mission fulfillment, reliability and longevity. Dow Kokam’s high-performance advanced battery technology enables vehicle converters to unlock these advantages for fleet owners," said Chuck Reardon, vice president of Dow Kokam. "We are excited by the opportunities that Motiv and ZeroTruck are providing to fleet owners to update their fleets and realize the long-term benefits of electrification."

Dow Kokam’s large format batteries bring the reliability of more than 10 years of performance in demanding applications with system integration capabilities that have been proven in more than 1 million kilometers of rigorous, on-the-road testing. Dow Kokam technology has been adopted as the primary source of energy for high performance equipment in industries ranging from transportation, marine, aerospace, defense and high-end industrial products.

Dow Kokam’s advanced thermal management, proven reliability and flexible design are all key advantages for integration in commercial vehicles, enabling the company to provide solutions for the range of commercial operations included in the new agreements.

"Dow Kokam’s battery technology is a ready answer to fleet and commercial vehicle needs while also providing a very compelling total cost of ownership-scenario to owners," said Reardon. "These flexible, high performance PHEV and EV vehicles represent a whole new range of opportunities for commercial vehicle owner and operators to revolutionize their fleets and operations."

Motiv Power Systems

Motiv Power Systems, an electric drive power control system provider, with funding from the California Energy Commission, is using Dow Kokam’s advanced battery system to convert a Class 4, Ford E-450 diesel chassis to a completely electric system for a passenger shuttle bus. The fully-electric, 20-passenger shuttle bus has a 100 mile range, and will operate daily in the San Francisco region.

Over eight years, the adaptation of the fully electric bus is expected to save 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 435 tons.


ZeroTruck, a developer and producer of commercial electric trucks, is using Dow Kokam’s large-format lithium-ion battery systems to power fully-electric, Class 3-6 work vehicles based on the Isuzu N series chassis – a flexible medium duty truck platform. The ZeroTruck is available in Class 3-6 chassis and can operate at full highway speeds, with a 70 mile range in city driving and superior torque compared to conventional vehicles.

The versatile Isuzu N series chassis design enables ZeroTruck to be modified for utility, dry freight, stake bed, tow, sweeper, and refuse body type applications.

For more information about these agreements, and Dow Kokam’s proven advanced lithium-ion battery solutions, please visit Dow Kokam.

Dow Kokam brings technologically advanced and economically viable battery solutions to the transportation, defense, industrial and medical industries. Uniting Dow, Kokam America and Dassault SVE creates the first battery and energy management systems manufacturer to combine viable, scalable large-format battery technology with the market franchise, manufacturing expertise and market knowledge necessary to become the clear partner of choice across industries.

Dow Kokam was established in 2009 to develop and manufacture advanced energy storage technologies for the transportation and other industries. The company is owned by The Dow Chemical Company, TK Advanced Battery LLC and Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault.

Motiv is revolutionizing the way electric drive fleet vehicles will be built. Rather than requiring custom designed powertrain solutions for every new EV design, Motiv has developed a common platform that allows disparate components, developed by multiple vendors, to interoperate. Instead of trying to fit the current EV design paradigm into the truck and bus market, Motiv’s technology leverages the natural characteristics of this market, which relies on sourcing standard "off the shelf" components, to promote widespread EV adoption.

ZeroTruck, newly headquartered in Allentown, PA, is a developer and integrator of commercial electric trucks for public and private fleet operators. It is the only electric manufacturer that uses a U.S. built motor and battery pack. The ZeroTruck electric drive integration system (EDIS) converts class (3-5) trucks in a wide a variety of body configurations to run on electric power with a highway speed of 65 mph and up to 100 miles per battery charge using Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium battery technology.