The Other Side of the Wind Energy Debate-The Silent Majority

Type “wind turbines” into a search engine for the Internet and you will be overwhelmed by the number of sites that appear. As you skim through them, you will find the same type of stories. After a while you begin to recognize them – heart-breaking tales of people getting sick of their homes, having to leave to feel well and rural landscapes being sullied by gigantic Goliaths, plunked down by uncaring, evil wind farm developers.

You think, there are so many of the same story it must be true. What is missing are the counterarguments. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (or story). Read the physician studies done by caring, medical doctors of some of the affected communities. Was it the caring general family physician who made the link between cancer and cigarettes or the researcher in the lab, working with data collected from thousands of affected people, not just 15 to 22 people in a community, already angry and stressed about something new on their horizon.

And ask yourself, whose voice is missing? For every story of illness, there are 90 to 99 stories of people carrying on their regular lives, unhindered by the wind turbines around them. Where are their stories?

Have you read the counter-arguments to the wind power debate? The science upon which the approval process for Ontario wind farm projects is based? Have you read the words of the scientists, researchers, medical research staff, noise specialists and environmental scientists? The studies upon which some of the strictest regulations in the world for wind farm development are based. It is out there. You just have to dig for it.

That is the point of this blog. I dig for you, give you the links and summaries so you can hear the other side that has been almost silent. It isn’t that they don’t have valuable stories to tell, but unlike anti-wind sympathy stories, theirs are based on empirical evidence and research. Not quite the stuff we’re used to.