Cogo to Supply Wind Turbines to DongFang

Cogo, viewed as an entryway for worldwide semiconductor manufacturing companies to enter the fast growing technology and industrial markets in China, declared a wind energy supply accord win after the take over of MDC Tech during the last part of January.

The company has entered into a supply accord worth around $1.5 million with DongFang Turbine. The signed accord will require Cogo to offer an all-inclusive design services, manufacturing and transportation services and technological support to DongFang during the period of the contract.

Cogo will utilize the vital technology and machinery supplied by a clean-tech technology supplier from Europe. The current accord along with the other signed accords of MDC with DongFang in the last twelve months will be added to the current year revenue of the company. Cogo is planning to commence the shipments to enable the company to record the revenue from the current contract in the third quarter of 2011.