Simple Power Wind Energy Firm in Northern Ireland

Simple Power adopts a single wind turbine approach, which gives landowners an opportunity to produce wind energy on their own land. Simple Power is to invest more than $50 million during the next five years in Northern Irish Wind Energy to produce over 50 MW wind power on an annual basis by the year 2015.

Danny Moore, the leader of Lough Shore, has stated that this investment was apt for the company. The company’s innovative solutions would be easily deployed all over UK, Mainland Europe and Ireland, and it is also committed to helping Northern Ireland produce 40% of its energy by 2020 by developing hydro, biomass & offshore wind sources in the area.

Paul Carson, who is the CEO of Simple Power, has revealed that they believed in dealing honestly, fairly and openly with farmers and landowners alike, and it was this quality that made them a primary renewable energy developer in Northern Ireland. He also added that they were happy to team up with Lough Shore, as their knowledge and experience would help Simple Power to pursue their aim of harnessing the massive renewable energy potential existing in Northern Ireland.