E.ON to Prospect for Wind Power Sites in Scotland

According to E.ON, the land lots located in west and north of Scotland have enough potential to produce approximately 500 MW of wind energy, which can be utilized to supply electricity to over 270,000 houses every year.

The company will initially perform the wind study over two land lots to evaluate their potential and present its proposals to the Forestry Commission to deliberate on further submission of applications for planning. FCS will remain an active partner in the suggested developments.

E.ON presently, has over 18 onshore wind farms all over the UK and generates 175 MW of clean energy. The company has around 1500 MW wind farm projects in various stages of development. The company operates three offshore wind farms with a combined power generation capability of 240 MW. The company has of late installed its first wave power generator to produce 750 kW of clean energy.