GC China Wind Turbines Receives Patents

Extends IP Strategy and Path to Extending Wind Turbine Lifetime and Reducing Production and Maintenance Costs. GC China (OTCBB: GCHT) announced today that it has applied for and received Chinese utility patents for passive-yaw system, a flexible drive system for support-tube structure, and a teeter-structured flexible hub, which further underpin the Company’s commitment to technology leadership in the global wind energy market.

The adoption of passive-yaw system allows for a lighter tower and smaller foundation, thereby reducing the manufacturing costs for a complete machine.

The adoption of a flexible drive system for support-tube structure which is lighter than a stiff tower so as to directly save raw materials costs.

Compared to a traditional rigid connection design, the teeter-structured flexible hub technology can significantly reduce fatigue on all moving parts, extending the service life and reducing operational costs.

Chairman Hou Tiexin commented that, "These patents are a milestone in our pursuit of the idea of ‘Soft Design,’ and are important to our strategy to differentiate our wind turbines through enhancing performance and reducing costs, which are both fundamental to building our presence in the Chinese wind power market, which is the largest in the world, and setting the stage for our entrance into the international wind energy markets."

With a service life of about 20 years, wind turbine power trains are subjected to a very diverse spectrum of dynamic loads. Due to the high number of load cycles which occur during the life of the turbine, fatigue considerations are of particular importance in wind turbine design. Adoption of these patents will effectively extend the service life of the wind turbine and improve its performance as well as reduce the costs for manufacturing and maintenance, and ultimately benefits the owner of the wind farm.

GC China plans to incorporate these technologies into its future wind turbine design in accordance with actual condition.1.1MW, 2.5MW and 3MW wind turbine designs which are in development.

GC China is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art 2-blade and 3-blade wind turbines based in Wuhan City of Hubei Province, China. The Company holds a license to manufacture a groundbreaking technology which meets rigorous requirements for low-cost and high reliability.