Report on Indian Wind Power

RNCOS, an industry Intelligence Company, in its latest research titled ‘Indian Wind Energy Sector Analysis,’ has indicated that the government support and investment from the private sector will thrust wind power installation in India to enable it to achieve 14% of CAGR from 2011 to 2014.

The research mentions that the favorable climate conditions and the government support have enabled the installation of a number of wind power generation plants by private investors. Such installations in turn have assisted in improving the outlook about wind power generation in the renewable energy segment and have resulted in volume additions in wind power generation.

The research indicates that wind power generation due to its comparatively lesser level of investment costs has gained momentum in India than the other types of renewable energy sources. The report mentions that the reliability of wind turbines, performance improvements and the reduced development period has placed India as one among the fast growing wind energy markets globally.

According to the report, the wind power generation contributes to nearly 70% of the grid connected renewable power production in India and the level of contribution is anticipated to be maintained in the coming years. It explains that the dynamic expansion in the wind sector with private and public sector participation will pave way for the partaking of some of the major wind companies from all over the globe.

The report is a result of an exhaustive research and in-depth study of the wind sector in India from the Indian point of view. It offers statistics and information of wind power development both in the national and state level. It offers forecasts on wind energy development for all the major states to assist in investment decisions. It also provides details on key companies in the wind energy sector. The report provides details of wind costs analysis for easy interpretation of details.