Large Scale Wind Energy Set For Ohio

The building of the Blue Creek Wind Farm situated in Latty townships in Paulding County Tully, Benton, Blue Creek and Union and Hoaglin townships in Van Wert County has commenced in September last year.

Iberdrola Renewables is looking forward to complete the construction of the project within a year. FirstEnergy Solutions is expected to buy 100 MW of wind power power from the wind farm in October 2012.

The wind farm is expected to bring in around $1.1 million as yearly lease payment to the local land owners and $2.7 million in the form of annual local taxes. The construction of the wind farm will introduce 15 to 20 permanent job positions and over 300 construction jobs while improving the local economy through the purchase of the required supplies and construction materials. The project will incorporate around 152 wind turbines built in Pennsylvania with a production capability of 2 MW each