Electric vehicles in Netherlands

Zero-emission mobility has taken a significant step forward in the Netherlands with the forging of a partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and The New Motion, a Dutch-based electric mobility operator (EMO).

The New Motion was recommended by the City of Amsterdam, a long-term supporter of Renault and Nissan’s ambitious zero-emission plans, as the ideal EMO partner to support the Alliance’s electric car with lithium ion batteries programme in this country.

Under the programme kicked off last September, Nissan agreed to make 100 electric cars with lithium ion batteries of the Nissan LEAF available to fleet customers between February and June 2011.

Since then, The New Motion and Amsterdam have been actively preparing the necessary charging infrastructure to accompany the deliveries of the award-winning Nissan LEAF to the city. The New Motion will be providing customers both home and office charging solutions in line with the Alliance’s requirements, while Amsterdam has deployed its new generation "Mode 3 Type 2" public charging posts that will provide EV drivers without private parking the convenience of normal, 16 ampere charging.

In addition, The New Motion has also ensured that the programme complies with the City of Amsterdam’s EV subsidy scheme and that it will operate in conjunction with planned ‘charge pass’ systems. These systems will ensure the inter-operability of the various public charging networks in the Netherlands.

Although the pilot programme is centred on Amsterdam, The New Motion will also provide a Quick Charging network offering coverage on main routes across the country to make longer EV journeys possible – currently ten posts are planned as part of the pilot programme.

"Our partnership with The New Motion makes zero-emission mobility a reality for customers. They can drive Nissan LEAF, knowing the infrastructure will be in place for them to recharge their vehicles at home, at the office, in the city and – importantly – along major routes to enable extended EV use," said Pierre Loing, Vice President, Product Planning and Strategy at Nissan International SA and head of the company’s zero emission business unit in Europe.

"The New Motion intends to offer every person in the Netherlands a fully integrated mobility solution powered by renewable energy. In line with this goal, we are also developing safe, easy to use and practical EV charging infrastructure in The Netherlands," said Ritsaart van Montfrans, founder, The New Motion.

The Alliance is taking a comprehensive approach towards the mass-marketing of electric vehicles which encompasses both the product and the infrastructure. To date, Renault and Nissan have entered into more than 90 partnerships with governments, municipal authorities and companies around the world to put in place the necessary incentives and infrastructure for the successful adoption of such vehicles.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance aims to be a global leader in zero-emission mobility. By 2015, the Alliance will have the capacity to produce 500,000 electric vehicles and batteries at its plants around the world, making it the only automotive group in the world to build electric vehicles and batteries on this scale.