Wind Energy Leading Renewable Power in the UK

Wind power in the UK is leading renewable energy technology, according to government statistics. The latest report finds that wind turbines accounts for almost half of the nation’s renewable generation. The figures also reveal that, in 2009 renewable had the largest contribution to electricity supply in history.

The report goes on to show that 8.6 percent of the UK’s electricity supply is generated by renewable energy. This does put the UK on course to reach its 2020 target despite what some experts claim. The results could also encourage consumers to adopt wind turbines technology in their home to generate electricity supply. This would benefit people, because they would be able to benefit from the government’s feed in tariff.

Figures did go on to show that onshore wind farm will provide around six to seven percent of the UK’s net electricity consumption. The head of technical affairs, Alex Murley, said that wind is set to help, not only provide the UK with clean energy, but it is also set up to provide jobs to people. This will help with the economic regeneration of the country.

He finished up by saying that onshore, the British Isles have the best wind resource in all of Europe. As far as offshore goes, the UK is the world leader already. Building on these undeniable facts could transform the UK into a regional renewable energy powerhouse.

Of course, experts say that they do not care how it is done, they just want it done. They want the UK to stick to their proposals and reach their 2020 goal. Things are looking good, but the government is going to have to continue to show this much effort into renewable energy in order to reach that goal.