Wind energy: towards an exceptional growth by 2015

A GIA report stated that the installed wind farm capacity in the world could exceed 700,000 MW in 2015, way more than forecasted by other major market analysts.  

Encouraged by the growing electricity demand, the wind energy market could reach an installed capacity of over 707,500 MW by 2015, equivalent to nearly 3.5 times the wind turbines capacity installed at the end of 2010 (approximately 200,000 MW based on available provisional data).

This was the main conclusion of Wind Energy: A Global Strategic Business Report, a study compiled by Global Industry Analysts (GIA), which indicated that wind energy is the best option that governments and investors can use to tackle the energy crisis that will be registered worldwide over the next few years.

The growth expected by GIA is much higher than forecasts made by other major observers of the wind market. For example, the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) assumed that in 2015 the total wind capacity installed in the world will range between 300,000 and 530,000 MW.

According to GIA, developing Asian countries (especially China) will become the leading wind power market players, while the production obtained from offshore facilities will probably eclipse (in terms of percentage growth) the onshore output.

Considering a situation in which – says the report – the global energy scenario will be dominated by uncertainty, with growing concerns about the dangers of climate change and the tensions regarding fossil resources, the focus will be increasingly placed on clean technologies. Among these, wind energy will draw the greatest benefits and be appealing for investors.