From Davos – Partnerships for EVs

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson created a buzz around the Nissan LEAF with lithium ion batteries, as it sat charging at the Hub Pavilion, when he stopped by to ask a few questions.

Johnson, an avid supporter of electric cars and its infrastructure who is expected to install some 25,000 charging points and 100,000 electric cars in the congested city, asked about everything from running costs and product development to autonomy and charging infrastructure (both quick and normal charging times).

Considering the possibility of London taxis, he’s interested to support the launch of electric car LEAF in the UK in March.

It seems as though the dialogue surrounding electric cars continues to reach the upper echelon of politics. Some of the questions that Mr. Ghosn addressed today related to the fact that President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union address that he wants to see one million electric cars on the roads of the U.S. by 2015.

That kind of public support from government toward the adoption of electric cars and infrastructure in communities echoes that which Nissan has been seeing in many governments throughout the world. From the UK to Japan, incentives continue to support the adoption and use of electric cars among the public, as governments see zero emissions as a way toward a more sustainable, cleaner future.