An outstanding 2010 for photovoltaics, 2011 will be even better

As many as 17,500 MW new photovoltaic systems were installed worldwide in 2010, a 130% increase over the previous year. The data were referred in the last report by IMS Research, which basically confirmed forecasts made in autumn, though estimates for 2011 were revised upwards. Indeed, the latest surveys conducted by the Institute found that in fact at least 22 countries have solar programmes underway, of which 18 with a capacity exceeding 100 MW and 4 exceeding 1,000 MW.

Overalll, IMS Research foresees a new additional photovoltaic capacity amounting to 20,500 MW, so that the total operating capacity will increase to 58,000 MW in operation in the world.

The analysis conducted by the Institute takes into account the lower demand expected this year in Germany and other important markets, such as the Czech Republic, as a result of reviewed incentive mechanisms. Nevertheless, the report claims that this reduction will be largely offset by the reduced prices of photovoltaic components, which will encourage a greater demand in other countries.

For 2010, IMS Research estimated 17.5 GW, which is higher than the capacity forecasted by other research institutes. Nevertheless, the difference can be explained by the different assessment of the contribution made by a number of countries, especially Italy, whose contribution in 2010 was underestimated by last year’s forecasts, compared with the capacity actually implemented in this country.