Iran to Develop Solar Power to Decrease Fossil Fuel Consumption

"We have mounted and launched more than 20,000 solar water-heaters in the different parts of the country," Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Hamdollah Mohammadnejad told FNA on Sunday.

Mohammadnejad, who is also the chairman of the board of directors of Iran’s Optimized Fuel Consumption Company, reiterated that the oil ministry has started saving energy by mounting solar collectors in 50 of its tall buildings.

He also mentioned that Iran is one of the world countries with around 300 sunny days in a year and can replace fossil fuels with the solar energy.

Iranian researchers have recently introduced a number of novel methods for increasing the efficiency of quantum-dots based solar cells to be utilized in solar energy consumption.

Quantum dots (QDs) based solar cells constituting the third generation of solar cells can directly convert the sunlight to electricity at 64% efficiency, however, per layer synthesis cost of their quantum dots is high.