Libya to build first wind farm

It was started in Darna city the execution of wind farm Alfateh Project for exploiting the wind power as the first project for developing the renewable energy in Libya.

The wind farm project consists of wind turbines for producing electricity by wind power of 60 Megawatt, control equipments, electric transformers, operation and maintenance building, electric lines, service roads, control rooms and workshops.

The wind farm is executed by the Spanish Amtors Company, it will take period of 20 months and it aims at using various resources of energy in Libya in addition to contribute in covering part of electricity demand and in the sustainable development.

The cost of the project is about 180 million LD Better late than never as Libya hopes to reach its goal of generating 10% of renewable energy by 2020, while currently at less than 1%.

By 2015, Libya should be having several wind farms generating around 500 MW with its overall target to produce 1,000 MW of wind energy by 2020.

Such projects include wind farms in Dernah (120 MW in two stages); Al Maqrun (240 MW in two stages); western region wind farms at Meslata,
Tarhuna, and Asabap (250 MW); southeastern region wind farms at Gallo, Almasarra, Alkofra, Tazrbo (120 MW); and southwestern region wind farms at Aliofra, Sabha, Gatt, and Ashwairef (120 MW).

In addition, Libya is getting ready to select a manufacturer for Photovoltaic plants that will be located in three locations with each location producing 15 MW of power each.

Libya is also working to expand PV technology to remote areas. Libya is also looking into adding 1,000 PV rooftop systems for residential areas with a feasibility study for a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant reportedly underway.