Calico Energy Services and Juice Technologies Announce Partnership

Calico Energy Services, the market leader in smart grid data management solutions and services for utilities and power providers, and Juice Technologies, an Ohio-based provider of “smart” Electric Vehicle technology and products under the Plug Smart brand, today announced a partnership and the availability of their integrated energy management solution, which links Juice Technologies’ Plug Smart Electric Vehicle charging engine with Calico’s proven demand side management platform.

“Everyone is talking about the fact that Electric Vehicles are here and the impact to the grid will be huge,” said Rich Housh, President and CEO of Juice Technologies. “Calico’s energy management platform helps to dramatically simplify this challenge by integrating Electric Vehicle demand into a utility’s overall demand management strategy, and by providing a single point of command-and-control. In addition, the flexibility of their platform and device-agnostic architecture is a great complement to our technology solution.”

This combined solution will not only help utilities to better manage Electric Vehicle-based demand by integrating residential and commercial EV load management into their demand side management programs, but it will also enable consumers to enroll in utility programs and automatically charge their cars during low-demand, low-cost time periods – saving money while ensuring vehicle availability.

“Thanks to our partnership with Juice Technologies, we can now provide an Electric Vehicle solution to our utility customers that enables rapid adoption of plug-in Electric Vehicles and continues to empower the utility to engage their customers beyond the meter,” said Brian Dawson, CEO of Calico Energy Services. “Our combined solution creates a single point of integration for these vehicles while meeting the needs of both the utility and their customers.”

“For many utilities, managing demand today is a complex mix of existing systems, third-party applications, energy rates, customer programs, and hardware devices,” added Housh. “With the availability of Electric Vehicles, utilities also have to grapple with the question of how quickly adoption will occur – and how to manage the complexity of resulting spikes in demand.”

The companies will be demonstrating this solution at the DistribuTECH show in San Diego, California, in booth #2341 on February 1-3, 2011.

Juice Technologies is a leading provider of products and technologies that enable the intelligent charging of electric and plug-in electric vehicles as well as products to optimize home and business energy use. Juice Technologies’ products are sold under the brand Plug Smart and are distributed worldwide through electric utilities and the consumer electronics channel.

Calico Energy Services offers a secure software platform that simplifies Smart Grid data management and services – providing customers with energy intelligence, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased profit through a unified solution.

The company’s flagship product, Energy Intelligence Suite™, is an award-winning software service that provides modular solutions for Smart Grid integration and enablement. These include: energy data aggregation and analytics; command and control; demand side management; and intuitive technologies that engage customers in long-term strategies for efficiency and energy reduction.

Calico’s solutions are delivered by an experienced team of industry specialists who lead an honest, open assessment to help customers plan, architect, integrate and rapidly deploy a successful solution.