Wind energy in Lesotho: wind farm in the Mokhotlong district

An environmental impact assessment is under way and the facility is due to be fully operational before the end of 2012. South Africa’s Netgroup and its local partner Powerdev signed an agreement with Lesotho’s government to build the wind power plant in October.

It will be situated at Letseng-La-Terai in the Mokhotlong district, 400 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of the capital, and will boost the country’s electricity output to more than 90 megawatts, said Khoboko.

The country currently produces 72 megawatts at the Muela hydropower plant, which is due to reach a full capacity of 110 megawatts The original plan had called for the wind turbines plant stems to be 80 meters (260 feet) tall, and were reduced to 60 meters because the country’s roads have too many hairpin bends to transport anything bigger, he said.

In addition to Letseng, Sani Pass and Masetise in Quthing, 280 kilometers south of Maseru, have also been identified as potential sites for wind farms.

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