Romania: Three major wind power projects by the end of 2010

The final 2010 situation related to wind farm plants shows unrivalled increases. At the end of this year, Romania will most likely have three major wind energy projects, operated by CEZ (the Czech Republic), Energias de Portugal and Enel (Italy), with a 464 MW capacity, over 30 times higher than in 2009, and investments topping 830 m euros.

Cautious estimates show, however, that 2010 will be completely overshadowed by the wind turbines invasion scheduled for 2011: wind power projects with a 1,165 MW capacity and investments worth above two billion euros.

The 464 MW can supply over 400,000 houses with an average monthly consumption of 200 KWh every year. The same 464 MW will generate, during a complete operational year, an energy quantity equaling almost 2% in the entire energy quantity produced in Romania in 2009. Moreover, starting from European statistical data, calculations show such a capacity generates 800 new jobs.