Enel Green Power at the COP16 in Cancun

Through a unique collaboration, Enel Green Power, the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Mexican authorities have developed the first thin-film solar technology Project in Mexico.

Within the framework of the COP 16 negotiations on climate change which will be held in Cancun at the end of November and as a sign of public private sector cooperation towards environmental protection and renewable energy development between Mexico and Italy, Enel Green Power has launched a solar power plant specifically designed to provide the venue of the Conference of the Parties included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP16) with renewable energy.

The project has been implemented thanks to the support of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and SEMARNAT, the Mexican Environment Ministry.

As of November 21st, 903 high-tech photovoltaic panels supplied by UNI-SOLAR®, with an installed capacity of 130 kilowatts will provide 220 MWh per year at the Moon Palace Hotel in Cancun, venue of the COP16 talks. The project will reduce 110 tons of CO2 per year thus helping offset the environmental impact of the conference.

"Enel Green Power has access to the technologies and the know-how necessary to lead the development of the renewable energy sector. This project combines a cutting-edge technology with a mechanism of co-operation between the public and private sectors. The result is an innovative project that allows us to test a solar business model which could be also replicated in other areas of the country," said Nicola Melchiotti, Country Manager of Enel Green Power in Mexico.

The physical characteristics of the photovoltaic panels placed on the roof of the hotel Moon Palace Expo Center in Cancun allow to capture diffuse light and can generate power even under tough climatic conditions. To this respect, panels which are easily placed are also extremely resistant to heat and possible hurricanes.

Through this project, Enel Green Power reiterates its commitment as a leading company in the development and operation of renewable energy solutions, contributing to the objectives of the COP16 in terms of technology transfer and carbon dioxide reduction, under the statutes of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.

Enel Green Power is a publicly listed company and part of the Enel Group. It is dedicated to renewable energy with a presence in Europe, North America and Latin America. It is one of the global leaders in its industry with a total installed capacity of around 5,900 MW and more than 600 plants in operation in 16 countries. The company and its subsidiaries produced 21 billion kWh of energy from water, sun, wind energy, geothermal and biomass in 2009.

Enel is Italy’s largest power company, and Europe’s second listed utility by installed capacity. It is an integrated player, active in the power and gas sectors. Enel operates in 40 countries worldwide, has around 95,000 MW of net installed capacity and sells power and gas to more than 61 million customers.