China’s wind energy installed capacity to rank world’s No. 1

The NEA earlier disclosed that China’s wind farm installed capacity is expected to hit 35 million kilowatts by the end of this year. But actual installed capacity may be larger than this, noted Wu Yin.

Statistics showed that China’s wind power installed capacity had exceeded 30 GW in mid-2010, fulfilling the planned target for 2020 10 years ahead.

By contrast, Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast that installed capacity of wind power in U.S. will drop 39 percent on year.

China has completed the first-stage of the Jiuquan wind farm base, the country’s largest wind power project, local officials said at the ceremony to mark the completion Wednesday in northwest China.

More than 3,500 wind turbines have been erected with an installed capacity of 5.16 GW, said Wang Jianxin, director of the Jiuquan Development and Reform Commission.

At present, 1.15 GW of wind turbines are generating electricity into the power grid, he said. Construction on the second stage, with an installed capacity of 7.55 GW, was officially begun.