WindPower Innovations Expands Its Market to Include Hydro Electric Power Generation

WindPower Innovations is finalizing negotiations to provide hydro electric power solutions to an undisclosed Alaskan municipal water treatment facility, as the final component in an effort to reduce the city’s energy cost and aid in securing additional government funding.

"Abundant hydro electric potential is an important component in alternative energy for the state of Alaska, and we are excited to establish a model for WindPower Innovations applications for small towns and villages," says John Myers, President and CEO of WindPower Innovations. "The back-end applications of our technology are adaptable to any form of alternative energy, not just wind energy."

Mr. Myers goes on to add, "There is an untapped potential in offering turnkey solutions to smaller local communities that we can replicate as a high-volume, profitable package."

WindPower Innovations, Inc. is a wind power infrastructure and smart grid solutions company that is continually working on new innovations for wind turbines, wind energy generation and transmission, in addition to the comprehensive maintenance, repair and re-manufacture of exiting equipment.