University of Nottingham unveils wind turbine plans

The wind turbines, measuring 125m (410ft) high, would meet one third of the electricity needs of the University Park site. It is hoped carbon emissions would be reduced by 7,000 tonnes per year, the university said.

A public exhibition and consultation will begin at the start of next year.

Impact on funding

If approved, the wind turbines would be placed on university land adjacent to the River Trent near Clifton Bridge.

Professor Alan Dodson said: "Wind energy is a clean, renewable source of energy which produces no greenhouse gas emissions or waste products, thus helping in the battle against climate change.

"This wind power proposal will help The University of Nottingham to play its part in reducing the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

"Success in reducing our carbon footprint will also have an impact on the amount of funding that we receive from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, thus helping to ensure that we can continue to pursue our agenda of excellence in education and world-leading research."