Wind power project at Mt Emerald, Australia

Construction work for the $560 million worth wind farm is expected to begin in 2011 at Mt Emerald in Queensland, Australia. This 220 MW wind energy project will be located in the southwest of Mareeba. The wind farm will feature nearly 80 wind turbines.

The wind energy project includes construction of the Asia Pacific Energy Innovation Centre. The center worth $12 million will be built close to the wind farm.

Tableland property developer Port Bajool and Transfield Services, a wind farm service provider, will jointly apply for the new wind farm development.

Port Bajool’s Wendy Morris says that the new wind power development will be one of the significant projects. Mayor Tom Gilmore also comments that the 220 MW wind turbines installation will be a large construction project in the Tableland region.

The wind farm will generate sufficient green power for the Tableland residents as well as for 60% of Cairns City residents.

According to a survey by The Weekend Post, Emerald Creek residents support the plans for a new wind farm construction.

Port Bajool plans for a meeting with Tableland residents before submitting the 220 MW wind farm development application to the Regional Council.