Construction and Installation 2011 to Examine the Latest Transport and Installation Techniques for Offshore Wind Farms

Offshore Wind Farms: Construction and Installation 2011 will bring together the leading wind turbines manufacturers and construction experts in Europe to examine the latest innovative techniques for constructing offshore wind farm.

As investment in the offshore wind energy market is set to grow by 75% in 2010 according to EWEA, Offshore Wind Farms: Construction & Installation will examine the best ways that wind turbine manufacturers, construction companies and offshore wind farm suppliers can implement the latest construction techniques and optimise their position in the offshore wind energy market.

As governments around Europe are under the double pressure to slash their economic budgets and their carbon footprints, this offshore wind conference has never been timelier. The Offshore Wind Farms: Construction & Installation conference will cover the topics that matter most to offshore wind project managers and turbine manufacturers including how to balance maintenance costs with the quality of installation and how to implement offshore wind power policy to meet government targets.

Offshore Wind Farms: Construction & Installation 2011 will also cover the major advancements and innovations in deep sea foundations, optimising vessel & crew co-ordination, establishing long term supplier contracts and exploring whether wind energy is a viable alternative to oil and gas.

Offshore Wind: Construction & Installation 2011 holds a unique position in the offshore events market as it is focused on targeting all tiers involved in the process of supplying and constructing offshore wind farms. The agenda for the offshore event has generated a lot of interest in the offshore wind power market, drawing top representatives from organisations including Vestas, Fluor, MT Hojgaard, Offshore Centre Denmark, Mott Macdonald, KBR and E.ON.

Kai Schlegelmilch, Deputy Head of Division for Hydropower, Wind Energy and Grid Integration of Renewable Energies at The Federal Ministry for Environment in Germany has said of the summit; “The target of the German Government is to achieve 25.000 MW Offshore Wind by 2030. This conference plays a major role to inform about how to achieve our ambitious overall renewable electricity target of a share of at least 30% renewable by 2020."

Offshore Wind: Construction & Installation will be taking place in Copenhagen on 8th-9th February at the Marriott Copenhagen in Denmark.