Desertec Puts Syria on Solar and Wind Power Map

"Desert Solar Energy initiative" is concerned in producing clean energy from deserts in North Africa and Eastern Mediterranean regions and export 15% of the production to northern countries.

A combination of a Spanish, an Algerian and 10 German companies conduct technical and legislative studies due to the initative of 2009.

German Desertec Company of Desert Tech and Cham Holding Company stated in a press conference that the idea of generating electricity from the solar energy in the Syrian Desert is under discussion.

The production of the looming project would be distributed with specific percentages to be legislatively identified to the local consumption as some of the production is to be allocated for exportation to Europe.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Desertec Company Paul Van Son said that Syria is considered a fertile land for working in the field of renewable energy which is expected to be the only source for energy in the future, pointing out that oil or gas will not serve people for so long.

Executive Director of Sana Investment Company Mahmoud al-Khashman said that Syrian Desert receives a huge amount of energy which qualifies it to be a fertile farm for producing energy with a high economic feasibility.

He pointed out that each meter receives renewable energy that could be enough for the consumption of one family for a month.

"Syria’s position is quite strategic, being a bridge between North Africa and Europe. Putting it on Desertec map among 19 countries is the first step for achieving the project," al-Khashman said, adding that the project will be crystallized in five years.

The most prominent conditions for the success of the project are to getting it constructed in a flat area, close to water source and unaffected by wind, according to Khashman.

Finding new sources of energy has become an obsession for plenty of researchers and governments around the world. Renewable energy tops the list of the solutions presented in stead of the traditional energy or as a supportive energy, being sustainable and eco-friendly.

Global Arab Network,