Ethiopia to generate 30 MW from wind energy

Ethiopia will begin generating 30 megawatt using wind power beginning from February 2011 for the first time, the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation ( EEPCo) said.

Communications officer with the Corporation, Misikr Negash told ENA on Saturday that the first phase of the Ashegoda Wind Farm Project, being constructed in Tigray State is almost completed.

Misikr said the project, being constructed in three phases, will enable the country to generate 120 megawatt electric power.

Construction of the remaining two phases of the wind turbines project is also well underway. Construction of the full wind farm will cost the country over 210 million Euros.

Ethiopia has a capacity to generate 45,000 MW from water,  10,000 MW from wind energy and up to 5,000 MW from geothermal energy.