Australia – Albany wind farm extension

Verve Energy’s $40 million Grasmere Wind Farm project in Albany will go ahead. The six wind turbines Grasmere Wind Farm will be installed at the western end of the highly successful Albany Wind Farm.

Verve Energy Managing Director Shirley In’t Veld said the Grasmere Wind Farm project was a significant and exciting wind power project for Albany and for Verve Energy.

“Albany Wind Farm was our first big wind farm and it is exciting to return to add to this successful renewable energy site,” Ms In’t Veld said.

“Wind energy has a key role in producing clean energy and Albany has enthusiastically embraced wind energy. Verve Energy is pleased to add to the wind energy produced at the city to assist Albany to move closer to its goal of being a net exporter of renewable energy.

“Grasmere Wind Farm will play a role in delivering more of Western Australia’s electricity needs from renewable sources.”

Grasmere will be producing clean, sustainable energy by early 2012. Mr Thompson said the wind turbines had already been ordered from Enercon which constructed those at the original wind farm.

The wind turbines will be similar in size to those installed at the Albany Wind Farm but at 2.3 MW, each will generate 30% more power. The 14 MW Grasmere Wind Farm will produce around 44 GWh of electricity each year and, together with Albany Wind Farm will produce 104 GWh to meet 80% of Albany’s electricity needs with clean inexhaustible renewable energy.

Grasmere will result in the saving of 43,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year from electricity production, equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road.

The new wind turbines will be placed on the coast using the same pattern and spacing as the existing wind farm and will be built to the same high environmental and social standards.

Ms In’t Veld said that where possible, local suppliers and local labour would be used in the construction of the wind farm.

Construction of the roads and crane hardstands for the wind farm is scheduled to start in October 2010. The wind turbines are scheduled to arrive in Australia in October next year and the project will be completed by early 2012.