Chile: First wind farm in Magallanes

It already started the assembly phase of the Cabo Negro Wind Farm with the arriving of a 400 tons crane from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The wind power project represents a direct investment of $5.3 million and consists of three wind turbines, manufactured by the European company Vestas, under the design standard IEC Class I, considered the most demanding for wind turbines worldwide, with a wind farm capacity of generation of 2.55 MW.

The installed generating capacity of the complex increased from 36 MW to 38.55 MW at present, the company uses natural gas and steam (from the same production process) as fuel.

According to research conducted by the Center for the Study of Energy Resources (CERE), University of Magallanes (Magallanes) in Cabo Negro for the past five years, the wind conditions at the site allow use of wind turbines close to 50%, which demonstrates the potential of wind energy in the Magallanes region.

Along with introducing non-conventional renewable energies in the area, Methanex has submitted the wind farm as a Clean Development Mechanism, CDM, to the United Nations, allowing it to earn credits for emissions reduction certificates (CERs), each equivalent one tonne of CO2. The estimated reduction in CO2 of the project is 12,129 tonnes per year.