Chongqing KK-Qianwei Windpower Equipment Company and Falcon® Electric Sign Agreement

Chongqing KK-Qianwei Windpower Equipment Company, Ltd.(KKQW), a leading provider of Wind Turbine Controllers (WTC) for Chinese Wind Farms and Falcon Electric, Inc., an award-winning manufacturer of uninterruptible power systems (UPS), announced a direct agreement between the companies and fulfillment of the first order.

KKQW is a joint venture that consists of kk-electronic a/s, a pioneer and leading manufacturer of WTC systems, and the Chongqing Instrument Factory in Chongqing, China. The agreement outlines a direct relationship between the companies in anticipation of growth of the current wind farm project in Mongolia.

The demand for renewable and wind energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar power, has experienced a significant increase in demand as the Asian economy continues to grow at double digit rates.

A wind turbine installation consists of the necessary systems required to capture the wind’s energy, convert the mechanical energy into electrical power, and other sophisticated systems to start, stop, and control the turbine.

The WTC is also known as the “brain” of the wind turbine system, are powered by a modified version of Falcon’s high temperature-rated UPS. A rugged, industrial-grade UPS is vital to reliable WTC operation, since the power for the wind turbine controller comes from the local utility.

“The impact of heat and cold on all types of electronics is well documented: both conditions shorten the life and reliability of electronic components,” said Arthur Seredian, President and CEO of Falcon Electric.

“The SSG Series gives integrators an UPS that is designed to shield critical components from the ambient cold and heat. For example we have upgraded the batteries, which are now rated to last 4 years at 122 degrees Fahrenheit – a standard UPS battery lasts about 7 or 8 months in that type of heat.”

“Like kk-electronic a/s and KKQW, Falcon Electric is a pioneer in the industry. We introduced the first generation of MOSFET PWM to the U.S. market over 20 years ago. More recently, the first commercially-available UPS designed for extreme temperatures, our SSG Series, has been well-received by the industrial and military customers and we know why: when subjected to extreme temperatures, the typical battery will expire within months.”

According to a 17 June 2010 article in BusinessWeek (Bloomberg New Energy Finance), China’s wind farm market is growing faster than any other in the world, twice the size of the U.S. market. The huge investment in wind turbines has elevated the role of utilities to work in concert with local manufacturing companies.

In this case the power utility company in Chongqing began searching for local companies to supply the components that make a wind turbine system. This typically consists of many elements and services but the basic elements are: the wind turbine tower, the blade assembly and the nacelle, or large box that sits behind the propeller which contains the controls.

These controls consist of power controllers and the pitch, yaw and breaking systems. Of these, the braking system is an essential safety mechanism. Power outages do occur inside the control cabins and this is where a reliable and rugged UPS must be able to maintain a clean power source with several minutes of battery back-up, in case of a local power outage.

They selected the Chongqing Instrument Factory to develop or procure the WTC. After a detailed search of many suppliers, kk-electronic a/s of Denmark, one of the world’s top producers of WTC systems, was selected. In 2009 the Chongqing KK-Qianwei Windpower Equipment Company, Ltd. (KKQW) was formed as a joint venture between the two companies. The wind turbine project has been successfully operating for over two years and is growing at a rapid rate.

KKQW: Headquartered in Chongqing, China, is a leading manufacturer of wind turbine controller (WTC) systems. The company was formed as a joint-venture between the Chongqing Instrument Factory and a pioneer and leading Danish wind turbine controller manufacturer, kk-electronic a/s.

Falcon Electric: Headquartered in Irwindale, Calif., Falcon Electric, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of award-winning power protection and conversion solutions. For over 20 years, Falcon has been dedicated to offering the latest in technology, superior engineering standards, and unmatched technical support and customized solutions.

Falcon manufactures power systems that meet the exacting standards of the military/aerospace, scientific/labs, industrial automation, computer, telecommunications and other industries that demand the highest product reliability to meet their critical power needs.