The wind energy potential in Guatemala is estimated at 7,800 MW

The wind power potential in Guatemala is estimated at 7,800 MW, still unused. Perhaps this offer will impulse the Central American country to enter into the wind energy, like Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras.

Carlos Colom Bickford, President of the CNEE, presented the process to be followed to award contracts to producers that participate, which will use for the first time a special model for the purchase of power and energy within 15 years from May 2015.

40 percent of the total megawatts will be awarded to plants that are operating, and the remaining 480 megawatts to new plants.

Mynor Lopez, deputy energy minister, said that this offer would bring more even prices in the medium term. The tender offer provides two variables for energy prices.

In the case of renewable energy plants, the formula will include an inflation measured by the Producer Price Index (PPI) up to 0.5 percent, and non-renewable power plants will use projections of the U.S. Energy Information Agency. The price of power will not be indexed.

For Carlos Fernandez, head of the National Association of generators, this offer is interesting to investors and to ensure future supply.