Maine Releases RFP for OffShore Wind Energy Projects

The Maine Public Utilities Commission announces the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for offshore wind power and tidal renewable energy projects.

During its 2010 session, the Maine Legislature passed a law based on the recommendations of the Governor’s Ocean Energy Task Force designed to facilitate the development of such offshore wind farm or tidal projects.

The law required that the Commission initiate the RFP by September 1, 2010. Initial proposals are to be submitted to the Commission by May 1st, 2011.

The law directs the Commission to conduct a competitive solicitation for proposals for long-term contracts to supply installed capacity, associated renewable energy supply, and renewable energy credits from deep-water off-shore wind energy pilot projects or tidal energy demonstration projects.

As specified in the new law, the Commission may authorize one or more long-term contracts for an aggregate total of no more than 30 megawatts from these projects as long as no more than 5 megawatts of the total is supplied by tidal energy demonstration projects.